December 5, 2007

iDrive, no seriously.....I DRIVE!

Amidst all the hoopla about Lewis Hamilton lapping the the Top Gear track at 1:44.7 you might have overlooked that a robot driven 3 series BMW lapped the same wet and oiled by a crappy Vauxhall track in what at least looks like a 1:30 flat....


  1. Awesome segment on the 330i, incredible what a computer can do with a car.

    As for the Hamilton lap, I truly believe there was a little "tinkering" with the time.

    UK F1 driver on an automotive show in UK. He needed to look good.

  2. Yeah, I heard that Mclaren protested Top Gear for presumed fuel temperature irregularities and tried to get Mansell and The Stig disqualified!


  3. You could see Hamilton take more curbing (dirt and grass) than the other drivers to straighten his line.


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