December 26, 2007

Super Nanny Extreme!

The latest Japanese supercar, the second incarnation of the (apparently) magical Skyline GT-R is weighing in at a positively porcine 3900 lbs.

Somehow, if you trust the glowing reviews and lap times, Nissan engineers have managed to defy gravity through the use of computers and while they were at it they managed to include a pretty hilarious feature: automatic speed de-limiting when the car senses it's on a race track.
That's right, along with a built in Traqmate like display you can see below, the car's GPS will figure out you are at, say, Fuji and let your car go over 100 mph.

I imagine that if you beat your lap time the car will unlock the next level and eventually you will get to fight the boss for extra bonus speed. No word on on the availability of a reset button.
(video via

2009 Nissan GT-R multiscreen from Axis on Vimeo.


  1. ZO6 on Goodyear run-craps owns the GTR out of the box.

    -So sayeth the Freep

  2. Sure it will, but it looks as it'll be also more expensive (around $20K).

    The front fenders on the GTR are hideous! :D

  3. I searched for Nürburgring lap times and the best Z06 I found was 7.42 with Jan Magnusson driving.
    No idea about tires used.

    The Flying sumo wrestler claims a 7:38 vs a 7:42 of a 997 Turbo...

    Regardless, the car is one of the most heinously styled things ever.

  4. Also, base price (not market price...) will be $69,850 so that's right in the z06 ball park.

  5. My bad, I was comparing the ZR1 expected price ($100.000) with the GTR expected market price ($80.000).

  6. Never trust a Japanese company's performance figures before the car is in private hands. We learned that the hard way during the early 1990 Japanese sports car "invasion" in which all of the cars had higher performance figures in their pre-release configurations than when they actually hit the street.



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