December 25, 2007

M Coupe Differential Swap.

I realized I never did post pictures from when we swapped the differential in the M Coupe. This is why it's great to have friends, especially ones with superior technical know-how!...Thumper Ray and the Fearless Freep were over at the garage early in 2007 and swapped out the stock 3.15 unit for a 3.46 and made it look so easy.

Now granted the 3.46 unit looked a bit rough and might horrify some who like all their bits shiny, but man is that ever the right ratio for the car at the track!
With the new gearing this past season I could finally keep up with e46 M3, especially on corner exits, even with the taller rolling diameter of my 275/40 track tires.

A great modification for a track toy though I might not necessarily recommend it for an M Coupe driven exclusively on the street as highway cruising certainly suffers a bit.

Anyway thanks again guys.... Oh, and Thumper...we need to take a peek at it before season starts if you don't mind!

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