December 30, 2007

So you want an Alfa Romeo 8c?

I have it from a fairly reliable source that if you would like to own one of the 500 Alfa Romeo 8c you have better have a good pedigree.

When the Alfa Romeo "Brand Ambassador" comes to visit with the exclusive titanium colored human baby leather presentation briefcase containing the paint chips (black, Racing yellow, Alfa red and Competition red) and interior leather samples, you better show him the keys to some nice hardware you have previously purchased....something along the lines of an F40, F50 or an Enzo, they might let some of the 599 buyers slide I guess.

Getting a test drive might be a little easier, all you have to do is win the MotoGP championship. Here, courtesy of Alfa Romeo is a clip of Ducati's Casey Stoner throwing around the most desirable GT on the planet. Kudos to Alfa for not editing out his spin...less so for not including the sound!

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