November 26, 2007

"...I'm just a little bit talented"

"No, I'm just a little bit talented" that's how Michael Schumacher answered the starstruck interviewer who asked him if he considered himself "a genius" after the seven time world champion won Felipe Massa's karting invitational in Brazil.

Would you not love to see the old guy show a little bit of that talent on the kart?
Have no fear, Oversteer is here!!

At the beginning of this GloboTV clip we see Schumacher asking his assigned mechanic for some wrenches and, ever the perfectionist, doing some work on the accelerator pedal of his kart.

It's a great race with lots of action even after Schumi makes a perfect pass on Luca Di Grassi for the lead and checks out, kind of like he did in F1. At the back Massa, Di Grassi, Burti and Barrichello look like they are having a ball with Massa being especially feisty.

I'm not too sure why Shumacher starts fourth on the grid since he had gotten the fastest time in qualifying, perhaps he got penalized once again for being naughty? It's just amazing how much faster he is than the other guys on equal machinery, I guess those fourteen years he spent driving karts in Karpen helped a little!

The race is about twenty minutes long so sit back and enjoy the show.


  1. Oh my god he is such a competitive bitch!!
    I'm sure he built his own Florianopolis kart track replica back in Switzerland, and he has been practicing for the last 6 months!!
    The funniest thing in the video is that the commentator said the engines are sealed but checked by the commissaries prior to the race. As soon as MS learned that someone was going to "check" his engine he immediately messed up the carburetors needle settings!!!

    OMG... that's so him!!!

  2. Funny... but isn't that one of the things you do in karts? you can see a bunch of the drivers fiddling during the race.

    I love the idea of the Florianopolis replica though...:o)


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