November 29, 2007

Ham on a Stig

CG raised a good point about the hyper-publicized appearance by Lewis Hamilton on Top Gear this Sunday:

"...will Clarkson pull a "Peter Windsor" and stage everything to glorify the Ham-ego and allow him to beat the Stig time or will Clarkson be honest to his cynical roots and just beat the crap out of the self centered kiddo in the interview?"
Are you kidding me? Let's look at the BBC's very press release:

Hamilton gets behind the wheel of the Suzuki Liana - the same car that the other F1 stars Mansell, Button, Hill and Webber have previously found themselves in - to find out if he can beat our Stig's blisteringly quick time of 1.44.4.
The only difference being that Lewis has to deal with not only water but also oil leaked from Jeremy's VXR8 on track earlier in the day.

sure....blame the Vauxhall in case he does not beat the time!

Speaking of choking, Hamilton has been running around London with Naomi Campbell* again, last time the well travelled supermodel was near the Ham was at Interlagos...need we say more?

* If you remember, we told you about the Naomi-Lewis-Flavio connection in September...

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  1. Naomi is too old. He is now dating Nicole of Pussycat Dolls. I saw them in Singapore.


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