November 21, 2007

Hmm...take away traction control, give them slicks?

Interesting, wish they would give them slicks right away, anything that adds more mechanical grip is a good thing... however it's a pipedream, 2008 designs are already in essentially done and you cannot just "add slicks".

"Bridgestone will supply Formula One teams with slick tyres during the upcoming test at the Jerez circuit in Spain, the Japanese manufacturer has confirmed
It will be the first time all teams run with slicks following the introduction of grooved tyres at the start of the 1998 season.
Bridgestone, Formula One's sole tyre supplier, will supply each team with three sets of Potenza slick tyres to be used during the test at Jerez on 4-7 December.
The teams have agreed that any mileage completed during the test on slicks will be outside the scope of the testing committee agreement."
The test is aimed at looking at gathering data for the 2009 season, where slicks could return to the sport."
via autosport


  1. Slicks give better grip overall, not just mechanical grip.
    The aim of their return in 2009 is to retain the current high cornering speed while limiting the total downforce (which in reality translate into= it will increase even more the cornering speeds).

    If you take it into the whole picture in fact increasing the total grip makes that most of the race will be spent grip given by aero grip.

    But that's not a big problem, as 2009 are rules limit vortex generation.

    Overall that's a good thing imho.

  2. agree that aero-washout in corners needs to be made obsolete as much as possible...


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