November 22, 2007

Die luddites, DIE! Porsche 997 MkII with DSG in 2008

Some drivers have to push levers, some LIKE to hold sticks and some just want the best possible engineering solution to make the car as fast as possible,  it's a fairly solid rumor that Porsche have finally decided to cater to this last group with the upcoming facelifted and revised 997 coming in 2008.  Every model from the Carrera though to a new and revised GT3 MkII will have an available DSG transmission or, in Jeremy Clarkson speak,  flappy paddle gearbox.

The lineup looks awesome: all will get direct injection for better efficiency and less emissions ("I'm upgrading my Porsche because I love the Earth"  should work quite well....).  The base Carrera will get 345hp vs the current 325hp and the Carrera S, 380hp!  The cars should debut at the Geneva show and be on sale in Europe in April.

And it only gets better if you can wait,  September will see the rollout of the new Turbo and, most juicy, a GT3 mkII.  
The Turbo...we don't care, but the GT3 will have a 7 speed DSG transmission and a 435hp 3.6L Direct injection, dry sump engine.  If you missed your chance to buy a 997 GT3 the first time around,  here is your chance to get your deposit in.

Then again, why would Porsche NOT produce another run of GT3 RS...

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