November 30, 2007

The Best Miata Video Ever...

Pigna, Rijeka Croatia.

(For a classic "Miata Moment" click here!)


  1. While the engine note and spirit of oversteer are prevelent, let's not forget that the execution was a simple throttle-on (600hp!)smokey trackout. Something any MCoupe or E46 M3 can easily pull at your favorite local freeway on/offramp.

    The video below always comes to mind when I think of a Miata. It's most appreciative if you're familiar with Carolina Motorsports Park T10 Kink. :)

    Cheers and thanks for AXIS!!

  2. UHAUHAUHAHU povero Pigna.

  3. What's cool about the Miata is the LCD screen showing in real time what the camera is recording.

  4. Actually that Miata has a rear view camera....just like the FXX! :O)


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