September 11, 2007

Who asked?

And can someone tell me what the question was was?

We had the "tease" video on the other day, here are pictures of the X6, BMW's new 5000lbs "sports car".

Oh look...composite multi-piston brakes, that's sporty,... right?

Thankfully there is the 135i coupé coming down the road, hopefully with an engine capable of handling track day duties.

photos: BMW, autoblog


  1. That guy was driving the 1er way too responsibly. And your attitude sucks AC!

  2. Who the hell is Fearless Freep? and what did he do with badbadM? :)

    Exactly what attitude do you wish me to have? you want me to say that is not the bastard child of a Cayenne and an All-Road?


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