September 11, 2007

Formula for Success

If you are a new fan of Formula 1, it is important to gain historical prospective and to understand as much as possible what modern F1 is about, particularly in light of the dreaded 9-13 meeting of the FIA. When you read the rumors that Max Mosley "is on a vendetta" against Ron Dennis... where does that come from? You keep reading about scandals and spy stories, penalties and cheating... what happened this year?

Take a look at this very cool series airing on BBC World. The first Episode of "Formula for $uccess" aired recently with seven more to follow. I hope we get the chance to see them all.

Not to go all "Pino Allievi" on you but ask yourself this: does 2007 have something in common with 1976? In a year when some worried Schumacher's retirement might diminish interest in the series, Formula 1 is in the news more than ever...I wonder where all these controversy fanning leaks have come from?

And could 1988 be another key? Mosley in interviews often plays a sort of a "purist" card, could it be he resents Dennis for changing Formula 1 forever?

OK, OK.... fine, I'll leave the movie to Oliver Stone but do take the 20 minutes to watch this illuminating episode: Honda spent 11.7 million dollars per championship point last year...a bargain compared to what Toyota shelled out!!

(Clip out of commission for the time being)


  1. Are you going to post every episode I dont get the BBC network and would really like to follow this series.

  2. hmm... I got my Vimeo account nuked for posting that first one, so I'll have to figure out a different strategy. I will tell you that the second episode was not quite as good as the first.


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