September 10, 2007

Sloppy journalism.

This is what happens when people don't think and/or choose to be sloppy about their reporting. The big pre-Italian GP hoopla was based partly around the widely publicized revelations of not just the existence but the content of an email exchange between Alonso and De la Rosa.

Now it turns out the content of those emails was "speculation" by Gazzetta dello Sport writer Pino Allievi. I have searched for the article on the online edition but I cannot find the original text but in an interview with the AP, Allievi claims "I made a free interpretation of what might have been said in the e-mail."

Whether the UK press who, perhaps self-servingly, picked up the story misunderstood the tone of the article or not, Signor Allievi should have known better than to toss an unsubstantiated fiction bomb into a highly flammable situation " order to make the article more credible". Oh the irony, poof goes the Gazzetta's credibility.

Of course certain media outlets had a field day blaming Alonso for being a "rat" along with his buddy Pedro.....the two Spanish meanies keeping data away from poor Lewis Hamilton... One even pointed to the absence of these imaginary emails from Hamilton's computer as proof of this plot...


(Pino Allievi is next to Jean Alesi in the above photo. No, not the one with the skirt.)


  1. This is so stupid it almost makes me sad. No wonder Alonso always looks so gloomy.

  2. I cannot believe Allievi did something like that and Gazzetta put it out, but like wrote above...everyone got some mileage out of this even that UK press that now is acting all scandalized...

    Having said that, I doubt the FIA would have cancelled McLaren's appeal and reconvened the council over rumors...

  3. As a football (that's soccer-type football) fan, as well a motorsport fan, Gazetto and the English press (in particular the red-top tabloids but increasingly even the more respected broadsheets) haven't had any credibility for years.
    Everything must be taken with AT LEAST a HUGE pinch of salt.

    We can do nothing other than wait and see what happens Thursday.
    I for one think it's all b****cks and am determined to just enjoy a title race going down to the wire.

    What a dissapointment if Alonso and Hamilton were told, sorry, no points.

  4. DBT....
    I should know better because I worked for RAI news a long time, but I must say the irresponsibility of La Gazzetta shocked me. The only "excuse" I can imagine is there was something lost in translation, something I cannot verify because the original article is nowhere to be found.....


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