September 10, 2007

Monza wrap

Everyone will talk about the pass on Kimi Raikkonen, a move I see as silly by Lewis Hamilton who despite having a car 2 seconds a lap faster, chanced throwing his whole season away on a high risk pass. Add that Kimi was sore enough from the Saturday accident to not be able to hold his head up under braking and did not put up any kind of fight and I think there was too much credit given. A much better move by Hamilton was on the start: he failed miserably at the "Schumi chop" of Massa and got passed, but then he was brilliant in the first corner where he not only passed the brazilian on the outside but almost got Alonso as well.

With all the Hamilmania, it will be easy to forget great drives on this week end: obvioulsy Alonso who outqualified Hamilton while on a heavier fuel load. Raikkonen, who drove in pain and in a car that certainly had issues and could not ride curbs. Rosberg and Kubica both had some great moments and put on great shows, the first with Jensen Button and the second with a great move on Rosberg in the final laps.

We saw Ron Dennis cry after the race and we saw Alonso not swing by the pit wall to acknowledge the team at the checkered flag, both rather extra ordinary events in this soap opera season.

And then there is next Thursday...


  1. Please remind folks that Schumi showed up at Monza again? That's just funny superstitious.

  2. Ha, you are right!...pretty soon superstition will dictate that in order to avoid bad luck you must touch your balls every time Schumi is seen in the pits, like you do in Italy when you see a group of nuns walking down the street!


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