September 27, 2007

Raw Fuji

Quickly before I head up to Watkins Glen, here is a raw Tele5 feed from Fuji. The journalist in his stand up at the beginning mentions that the UK media had a plan to try and trip up Alonso by asking all kinds of embarrassing questions at the Thursday conference. I have not had time to look at any news reports so I don't know how that little media war went down but Fernando looks fairly relaxed in front of the home media. The order of the day is "I'm concentrated on winning the 2007 champonship, 2008 can wait"

David Coulthard has some funny remarks and there is a truly surreal Panasonic/Bridgestone promo event thing happening at the end....Cameramen were not really thinking tires there.

Practice-Quali and race are on at some ungodly hour here in the east coast so fire up the tivos!


  1. speedtv says the quali and race are mid afternoon, though the schedule seems not to understand am/pm. does anyone have the right time?

  2. 3:30 pm Formula One Qualifying

  3. PleaSe can Someone determine the time the race and quali iS on Speed...

  4. F1 is on Speed at 1am Eastern Time.

    so tonight is Qualifying and tomorrow night the race.


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