September 26, 2007

Off to Watkins Glen

It has been a while since I've been to the track but the next two weeks are going to be busy: this Friday, Saturday, Sunday we'll be at the Glen with the Genessee Valley BMWCCA and then back again with Group 52 on October 8-9.

I was getting my car ready over the week end and I made my tracktard version of the classic action car expolded view cliché ...

It was useful though to once again think about what to bring. The trick, especially with a small car, is to bring as little as possible but not be left missing that crucial bit.

Here is what I'll bring this time
  • 4x Kumho v710.
  • Aluminum Jack.
  • Cordless impact gun.
  • Torque wrench.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • 2 sets of spare brake pads, one street one track.
  • Motor oil (my engine needs Castrol 10W60).
  • Motul brake fluid.
  • Differential oil and crush washers for drain plugs (just in case).
  • Tool bag
    • extensive socket set ($99 from Griot's Garage).
    • set of wrenches, ratchet and normal.
    • deep socket set.
    • hex bit set.
    • torx bit and socket set.
    • allen wrench set.
    • long screwdriver for prying brake caliper clip.
    • short screwdriver for adjusting shock compression.
    • breaker bar.
    • big pliers for pushing brake pistons in.
    • assorted self tapping metal screws.
    • extra lug nuts/studs.
    • silicone hose for brake bleeding.
    • plenty of other junk.
  • AV case
    • MiniDV camera.
    • MiniDV tapes.
    • Traqmate GPS data logger.
    • Chase Cam PDR-100 video recorder.
    • MacBook Pro.
    • CF cards and reader.
    • USB Hard drive.
    • Chase Cam lipstick camera.
    • Microphone.
    • Assorted cables and chargers.
    • Nikon D200 and extra lens.
  • Window cleaner, rubber solvent for tire boogers.
  • microfiber rags.
  • Gaffers tape.
  • Utility gloves.
  • Helmet.
  • Communicator for students.
  • neck collar.
I'm laughing just looking at that list.... but really, you do need most of that stuff and more!
Shop for KUMHO tires at Tire Rack.


  1. See you there!

    -Ross (silver noble m400 or gt3)

  2. See you there... I'll have your pads in my truck (I didn't see them in the exploded view ;) )

  3. ok neck sausage.. Whatever you like to call the thing you want to be wearing when your student decides to follow Walter through the bus stop!

  4. I thought the K-Fab half-cage was going to get you past the HANS barrier?!??!?!

  5. I stand corrected. Congrats to AC for picking up his HANS device.


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