September 7, 2007

Mclaren's screwed

As we hinted yesterday, the source of the latest "evidence" in the Mclaren-Ferrari spy case has is now widely speculated to involve Fernando Alonso. The issue involves an email exchange between Alonso and Pedro De la Rosa regarding Ferrari tire setup and performance. Question is, how did the FIA even know about these emails?...

This article, (in Italian) broke the story and claims that the FIA threatened to pull Alonso and De la Rosa's superlicences if they did not fully cooperate. Faced with that prospect Alonso apparently decided to simply tell the truth and revealed the existence of the emails in exchange for immunity.

the rumor is picked up b UK sites. Naturally, all involved deny everything with Alonso especially denying the immunity clause.

Now imagine the back room politics regarding the driver's market with Alonso and perhaps Hamilton potentially becoming free agents next year (if Mclaren is disqualified). Maybe Prodrive's role as the rumored Mclaren "B" team will become extremely important...and Briatore?

Oh yeah,.... there is also a GP going on this week end. How about a nice lap with Mr. Formula Juan, Pablo Montoya accompanied by the mellifluous sound of Québécois commentary? Enjoy the V10 sound.


  1. "This video is private"
    (I read AoO all the time, keep up the good work!)

  2. The Montoya Video? It must be a bug with Vimeo because it's set to "public"....I'll see if I can upload it again.

    Thanks for tuning in!


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