September 6, 2007

Kimi speaks...kind of

From 2006 Kimi Raikkonen mumbles his way through an commenting his pole lap in the Mclaren. Ye lear such pearls of wisdom as "...basically you try to be as quick as possible in a straight line and then the car has to be good around the corners...." OK, so Kimi is better at driving than explaining , or even talking for that matter...

It's easy to be blasé about the capabilities of modern F1 cars so let's take a lap on board a capable car like this modified Honda S2000. The first Lesmo corner is approached at around 150km/h (93mph) and is a more than 90 degree turn while the second Lesmo is more open. In fact, they are somewhat similar to turns 9 and 10 at Watkins Glen but in the opposite direction.

Compare and contrast... the S2K 's lap time is 2:16, over one full minute behind an F1 car!

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