August 3, 2007


Adil and our rally car friends over a Holunfie will like this. It's a scandal that there is zero coverage of WRC in the US. Is Pinks really that popular that entire afternoons need to be devoted to it?
Anyway... Rally Finland, Super Special Stage, Markus Gronholm vs Sebastian Loeb, Ford Focus vs Citroen C4. This sure makes the Race of Champions pale in comparison..

Finnish just seems like the perfect language for rally commentary!

and here is another: That last gray Mitsubishi does not sound so good...


  1. Great find!

    What makes you say ´That last gray Mitsubishi does not sound so good...´, is it about the large bangs? Couldn´t that be from the Anti-Lag System (ALS)?

    gr. Michel

  2. Yeah, sounded like it had a built in shotgun to take out any stray deer in the way :)

    What's the ALS?

  3. LOL :-) The Anti-Lag System (also known as bang-bang system) is used to eliminate turbo-lag. It tries to keep the turbo spooling when the car is coasting and the engine is idle. The system can even be as simple as injecting fuel in the exhaust between the engine and turbo. It is a common system in group N rallycars like this Evo.

    More info here:

  4. it is also used on many turbo cars to build boost to launch off the line in drag racing.

    ALS is awesome, but kills turbos. but then again, the WRC guys can afford a few turbos. ;)



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