August 4, 2007


your comments?.... 1:49 lollypop up, 10 seconds later Alonso goes out...

The final verdict is that Alonso loses 5 spots on the grid. But the story is complicated because it sounds like Hamilton did not follow team orders and might have messed up Fernando's strategy. In that case Alonso might just have been getting back at him...

I find the penalty as bizzarre as all the other recent FIA decisions... this looks more like a squabble between teammates and has no effect on other teams given an all Mclaren front row. Stewards must be big Lewis Hamilton fans!

Alonso's excuse that "we were trying to get a little space from the Ferraris in front of us" is ludicrous. He pulled out of the pit right in front of Kimi Raikkonen who was on his hot lap. Massa never made it to Q3.... It's clear his intention was to slow Hamilton.

Too bad for Fernando because what would have been his pole lap hell of a lap, take a look:


  1. ???. Check this new story out from Autosport. "Dennis says Hamilton to blame for incident".

  2. Forgot the link...

  3. Maybe Ron Dennis has been studying with Steve Jobs....obfuscation field: ON!


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