July 4, 2007

This is why we do it...

because once in while you have the perfect day, with the perfect group of people and you don't have anyone bugging you or slowing you down, you are free and your worries ground into the pavement under that stripe of rubber you left in turn 6.

We had two days like that with Group52 earlier in the month, this clip is from the second day. Two and a half laps of Watkins Glen, in the first part we are playing around trying to get good camera angles. We all bought ChaseCam PDR 100 recently and we have them tied into our Traqmates so that when you start the GPS data recorder the video starts automatically, a very convenient feature.

The second part of the clip I try for a fast lap, hit all my marks and run a 2:12.350. Considering my car has a radio and air conditioning I think that's pretty good.
The first time I went to the Glen a few years ago my best time was 2:26, last year I could not believe I was down to 2:16. Now both Stee and I can lap in the 2:14 with relative ease and both had 2:12 laps. Part of it is due to running Kumho V710, part is just that we learned a lot. Having Traqmates has helped immensely in figuring out where we could improve, they are a fantastic tools. V710 and Performance Friction PF 97 pads also made for some dramatic slowing down, 1.35G on my car, we call Mo and Walter at Off Camber Motorsports for the best deal on PF.

I recommend downloading the high resolution version but if you are in a hurry, here you go.


  1. Another edited masterpiece. Good work AC.

  2. Awesome vid AC! Great job again!

  3. That's got to win an award for the best use of music in a car video. That was just excellent.

  4. Thanks guys...you know I love doing this stuff!


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