July 4, 2007

All things horsepower...

..in the end that's what we love, that's why we can rationalize watching the odd tractor pull or maybe even stoop to watching Pinks out of sheer desperation for a mechanical fix.

We covered Unlimited air racing before. BadbadM, a licensed pilot and self described aero-nut, lives for that trip to Reno every year so this is for him.

YouTube mining* yields this nugget from the 90's: Jeremy Clarkson's Extreme Machines.

"Big boy's toys" he starts off " to get involved you really need three things: money, balls and space to play" and with that Clarkson is off to sample a P51 Mustang, an unlimited hydroplane and a 747! Nice.

* thanks to Jalopnik for pointing the way to the nuggets!

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