July 11, 2007

The Stig would get sent home....

Posted for CG

Session 1 - 3rd lap, Pocono Double Infield course:

Black flag called on the Back Straight. Message from Track Marshall: "You almost lost it in several places"

...CG gives the logical rebutt...

"I don't care if you are in control or not, listen, we don't do sideways here..."

".... Yes Sir.... "and CG proceeded to pussyfoot for most of the rest of the day.

Seriously, I don't blame them. How can they know I'm not another "IflySolo"?

The reality is the 275/315 Nitto setup sucks in my non adjustable 997S, and the only way to drive it fast is with turn-in oversteer that occasionally ends up in full corner length power slides ( just slowing down would be so ungraceful!...).

I did improve my best double infield time by 2/10ths (1:44.1) but I know I would have been much faster on the RA1s... I just hope the new R888 are as good and not similar to the Nittos.

AC adds:

I don't see the big deal, especially if there is nobody around. That turn is a very safe place to spin if one had to choose... Here is more from that turn...


  1. That is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    You'd have to have at least finished the day with a huge slide round a couple of bends, just for that marshall.
    Unreal - what's the point in trackdays if you can't do that!

    DBT (found you via your friends at justgofaster.com)

  2. Welcome to America...some clubs may actually sue you for deviating from the approved line in the corners forget about carrying any kind of a drift angle!

  3. Fortunaely there's Group52 and the yearly trip to the NRing, where rules get replaced by common sense.

  4. SUED!!! WHAT!

    A friend of mine in the UK got a warning at Brand Hatch for going too fast, which I thought was hilarious - an acheivement to be proud of on a track day.

    What do they want us to do!! Surely the club can just make you sign a waiver that says if you go sideways and bin it then it's your own tough s**t


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