July 25, 2007

Spectacular incompetence

A while back we had dug up a 70's era home movie where hapless Germans flipped VW beetles at the Nürburgring. Fast forward to the UK in 2007, Castle Combe's own touristenfahrt and we find Charles Darwin is instructing again. I apologize in advance for the music but I cannot wait to hear comments from out JustGoFaster friends across the way...

you got to feel for the poor guy in the Lotus 9 at the end...ok, he's lucky to be alive but that is really adding insult to injury!

(credits on the clip)


  1. Looks like the infamous Castle Coombe 'Action Days' - you can pay £30 or so for a 15 minute session on track. Hence tons of complete twats turn up with no clue of how to behave on track.

    They've been running them this way for years, and despite loads of crashes and loads of complaints they still run them. I suspect it must be quite profitable for them..

  2. And the surrounding towing and body shop companies!

  3. Judging from the age of some of the old beaters being driven (e.g. Ford Anglia) mixed in with more current vehicles, this clip has to be a montage of many years' worth of incidents. Still...

  4. As oily said, now you know why they call them 'action days'.

    They are Castle Combe's version of the infamous Knockhill 'hot hatch' days

  5. I believe the typical Just Go Faster response to such behaviour is... Just Go Home.

    The Evo and 1-series with monumental understeer are my personal favourites for sheer DUH! factor.


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