July 25, 2007

Required Reading

This whole track day sub-culture of ours has apparently grown large enough to attract the attention of publishers. High Performance Driving is a one shot special issue bundled with a DVD and aimed squarely at the track-tards who might read this blog. The DVD for example, features a clip where Randy Pobst shows you how he goes about learning a new track. The magazine has articles on advanced driving techniques, club racing, racing schools and even an interview with Alan Wilson, one of the world's top race track designers (yes, there is someone other than Herman Tilke!).

It's out now, there are 100K copies floating around, go find one!


  1. CG: Could you please get me one? I'll pay you back when you come.

  2. Is there any link to the publication site guys?

  3. I only have a link to the publisher's site but there is no info on this issue that I can find...

    Future US

    the editorial director read this blog and sent the info. I thought it would be of interest.

  4. Since I saw notice of it on elisetalk a few weeks back, I was looking for it and picked up a copy on Monday and was pretty impressed. I think it's meant as more than a one off though, maybe more like quarterly.

    Good to see you giving it some pub.

  5. fpol, where did you find your copy?

  6. At a Barnes and Nobles here in NOVA. It's a pretty decent one that carries more car mags than the standard R&T/C&D fare.


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