July 5, 2007

Alonso chaser with a twist

You've seen this before, it's the old "send the street cars and have the F1 catch them by the end of the lap" routine, but this one throws in a twist to the chase. It's also filmed at Silverstone one and this week end the F1 circus will be there making Jenson Button feel really really bad!
The cars are a new C class, a nasty looking CLK 6.3 Black, a DTM car and the Mclaren F1. Also amusing in this video is that they use a BMW 7 series pick up as a camera platform! Look for it in the second part.

The third part is all McLaren Imperial Trooper propaganda of the highest quality.

Alonso chaser with a twist from Axis on Vimeo.


Here is a youtube find...McLaren doing the same thing with Senna some 20 years ago. A Civic vs a 930 vs an MP4... looks so homevideo and quaint!

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