June 25, 2007

Holy Gravel Traps and Door Donuts, Batman!!!

To say the Axis had an interesting week is an understatement. From four days of open track at Watkins Glen to a verrrrry action-packed Hyperfest and ProSolo weekend, the Axis of Oversteer has lots to report. Stay tuned...


  1. I eagerly await video... Having heard rumors of a damaged shoe and some good spec E30 results for the LaBomba. Did you weld that rear axle yet?

  2. With everyone's help, that will buff right out of the M-Shu :)

  3. O.K. - None of this sounds good.
    A "damaged shoe", "door donuts", "gravel traps," "welding," and the line; "that will buff right out" - no matter how much one wishes to reashure the crashee that all will be fine - are all bad... very, very bad.
    Hyperfest sounds like fun - until visions in turn 8 of "judging the Daisy Duke look alike contest" overtake the prudent visions of: "what I should do to actually navigate turn 8."

    Next stop is of course: gravel.

    Hope it's nothing serious.

    Fellow tracktard from the Glen - living vicariously through your tracktime... and your "judging the Daisy Duke look alike contest..."
    BMW E46 M3

  4. Update:
    Lorenzo-nemesis2/HPDE dooshbagery=gravel trap
    Miscommunications with a black Integra=door donuts and buffing
    Nice video Stee...

    BMW E46 M3

  5. I'm afraid I am the guy in the black Integra and I feel just awful about it. Putting the TT in Group 4 changes the dynamics of it, and we don't seem to re-enforce that there are a lot of Group 4 people who grew up in NASA Virgina/MA, people who know how seriously the individual point requirement was as Group 4 developed.

    I especially feel horrible about it because I knew the M Coupe was there, but also believed I recognised the car from other events and believed I could trust him to back off. If I had made eye contact, I'd have known the driver was not who I thought he was. :(

    I hope this unfortunate experience doesn't put Axis off of future participation, and I hope it doesn't make him too fearful of Type R drivers.

  6. Hehe, it would take a lot more than that little incident to put AC out of the game for long, and Type R drivers developed their reputation far before this (I kid, I kid).

    Stay safe out there.

  7. George, thanks for posting here. I want to use our incident for some positive discussion about driver's schools and on track incidents. Maybe later in the week, I hope you can join in.


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