June 15, 2007

Axis going for a track day world record!

the perfect storm of scheduling has hit the Axis for the next 10 days: 5 cars and an aggregate of 15 track days and at least one autocross.
CG was at Pocono with Adil for a double infield open track day with PDA. Then it's on to Lime Rock on Tuesday with SCDA for a Lotus Clam bake and then straight from there to Watkins Glen for 2 days of open track with Group 52 on Wednesday and Thursday.
Stee will be joining CG for Group 52 then on to Summit Point to instruct at Hyperfest on the 23rd and 24th. badbadM will be doing the spec e30 NASA race there.
I was supposed to instruct at Watkins Glen next Monday and Tuesday but had to cancel because the MCoupe is still at the fabricator getting the roll bar, but I lucked out when HRM Motors' boss Mark Starr had to cancel his spot with Group 52...so I will be at the Glen with CG and Stee next wednesday/thursday then down to Summit to instruct at Hyperfest with Stee...

hopefully our cars will not explode.

Cool thing is that this week saw the debut of Adil's and CG's new toy...the Axis-Gulf S-exige! it is going to be an awesome track car...more on it as the marathon progresses.

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