May 6, 2007

Hardcore is...

...when you order the wrong sized tires that are too big, rather than miss a track day you take a crowbar to the fender of your 997s. CG is hardcore.


  1. We did plenty of this to our Renaults and Swifts back in the day, but it takes a lot of courage to go ahead on the "family car"! The results aren't much better than 20 years ago either.., ;)


  2. What it happens???
    Non ho capito...

  3. Yeah, just like in the good Ol' days.

    Wathever it takes to get ready on time for an Axis trackday!

    Thankfully it was the metal PCar (and can be easily fixed) and not the fiberglass Lotus, otherwise the solution would have been an even nastier one!!


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