May 1, 2007

First round of the European HPDE championship

Looks like our friends over at Track4fun were contesting the first round of the European HPDE championship* at the glorious Salzburgring in Austria.
Though Zampa, the driver of the GT3 in the video below left, will have to consult's list of tire excuses soon, the sound from his GT3 is just fantastic, I love it.
(photos by Andi111s)

Now speaking of HPDE championships, the Axis will be fighting hard for pointless bragging rights this Saturday at Pocono East, Time trial and lots of cameras, EVO IX vs 997s vs GT3 vs MCoupe vs M3... weeeeeee! Below right is a video of what happened last year around this time.

*"HPDE Championship" also known as the "Track Day Championship" is a self-mocking term among track-a-holics.


  1. Complimenti per l'articolo, vorrei poter fare anche io qualcosa del genere ma prima devo prendermi dello spazio per hostare i video.
    Pista stupenda e macchine altrettanto stupende.

  2. Happy to know there are equally sick people on the other side of the pond!

    Fa piacere sapere che esistono simili malati oltre oceano!


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