May 27, 2007

CG is at the Nurburgring right now...

CG took time out from his "getaway vacation" in Italy with his lovely and patient other half to fly up to Germany and drive the 'Ring for two days. He rented an e92 325 race prepped car from and is good to go. Naturally it's raining.

Below is the Nürburgring web cam. If you refresh the page it changes every 60 seconds. Grab a shot of CG (white BMW e90 race cae with stickers) and send it to us and I will send you some Axis stickers.

here are CG's first messages:

May 27, 2007 6:24:03 AM EDT

"Yep, at the Nring!

I'm at the parking lot in the racecar. Its a REAL racecar they use for the VLN, but it has a silencer on so I can drive it on the road. Stripped white E92, cage, 6pt harness seats, fire system, and NO interior, hancook dot R rain tires

One technical problem for the traqmate is there's no cigarette lighter so will try to find some batteries.

Obviously its raining cats and dogs but still crowded full of crazy Brits and bikers. Just got my 25 runden ticket.
Will do a couple of laps to warm up and then install the traqdude.....

May 27, 2007 7:01:13 AM EDT

11:16.... Really scary shit, I felt like crashing 8-10x....
Its not the corners, but the braking zones. Its impossible for me to tell the difference and know if the a certain corner has grip in the wet or its basically soapy water.
Triggered the ABS like 50 times. Passed by Sabine in her M5 wearing magical tires, and a VW Lupo (a GTI at least...)
The car feels great, the suspension is far better than the engine, but even with little power you sideways everywhere if you are not very gentle.
The fast corners are the scariest, as you get wash away gentle understeer if you hit one of those soapy wet sections, so I have to always aim 10ft in on trackout to be safe.
The handbook for driving this track in the rain has to be 5000 pages long.
Let's see if after 30 laps I learn something.

May 27, 2007 8:07:27 AM EDT

Still raining in most of the track but not a the entrance.
Did 3 consecutive laps.... I'm feeling dizzy!!!
11 crashed cars I've counted so far.

Lap times coming down and I'm being stupid enough to hold my foot flat to the floor in 4th gear, so have exceeded 200kph in 2 places. The rest is mostly 3rd gear and left foot braking. End gear gets you sideways right away.....

The car is very nice. So effortless to drive. Can't imagine how good it must be when dry!

May 27, 2007 8:58:31 AM EDT

Found the justgofaster guys. Funny crowd.
I feel like in a movie. Just chatted with Jetro Bovingdon from EVO. Their track E36 M3 is here to try and break the 8:00 mark!!!

May 27, 2007 09:02:25 AM EDT

Its dry!!!!!
It is fucking amazing.
Just like the game

8:45 (bridge to bridge). This car rocks!!!!

May 27, 2007 10:43:41 AM EDT

Its a white coupe, lowered with race stickers.
Its the only white E92 from

Just installed the traqmate.

Best lap so far 8:38 but there's a lot of traffic. It matters the most in the fast section as once I lift I would never reach 5th as if I hadn't....

May 27, 2007 12:26:47 PM EDT

They are the enemy.... Worse than a instructosaurus on C6 Z06....
Now that it is certainly dry they invaded the track.

Any car you can pass, even if its more powerful, as you don't need point bys and can dive in, drive around or exit faster whitout a lift. You really don't loose too much passing one car, but a bike.....

While don't want to risk the guy sliding and getting killed under your car.... No matter how good a rider is they are always slower in the turns while MUCH faster on the straights.

Track has been closed twice already due to biker accidents. Waiting now to see if they can open once more before closing.

Have 4-5 laps in the traqmate but none without bikers causing trouble. Intrigued from what the data will show. Dry tis basically scary GT4 but very similar just braking areas are more hairy...

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  1. Fuckin' Greatness has been instituted!

  2. I'm in the grey CSL 3rd from the front in the queue nearest the camera :)

  3. The picture lower left should be captioned "Spot the English dude"

  4. Sorry, yeah, Nathan = Straight On


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