May 1, 2007

Ayrton Senna da Silva, March 21 1960-May 1 1994

This hauntingly beautiful clip of Ayrton driving a Honda NSX around Suzuka is a fitting tribute to the man's supernatural smoothness and unforgettable spirit. We miss him.


  1. Thanks!

    I can´t stop watching this video where he´s driving the pants off a NSX-R at Suzuka with nothing but slippers on his feet?! Allthough it seems a promotional event, he seems very curious and intrigued about the car.


    Senna died the day I turned 20. Being a fan of Ayrton, it´s still a painful memory.

  2. I thought it was cool to see that even Senna got sweaty palms sometimes!

  3. Sans helmet! My my how things have changed...


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