April 15, 2007

Snow Day

A first for me seeing snowflakes just as I'm heading onto the Pocono track last friday...hmmm, very British, wish I was driving a Caterham...right. Temperatures in the mid 30's (F) I would however much rather have these few flakes than raindrops so off we go.

BadBadM was with me on Pocono North with NY BMWCCA and CG with our Caymanized friend Craig were on East with NY Metro PCA.
Pictures courtesy of Tom Branhoff, if you were there Tom has a picture of you.

If you believe internet lore you would think that running on R-compound tires in such low temperatures is essentially a prescription for suicide, in reality I found that my Kumho V710's had great grip after just one lap. While this makes me wonder how these tires might be in august, I was happy to run my fastest ever time at that track and do so very consistently.
My best for the day was a 59.45 but I had many 59.xxx and 1:00.xx laps.
You can download the Traqmate Data file for my 3rd session here and download the free Traqview software here.

It was also my first time instructing for NY BMW, had a father and son, It was actually very nice help both of them have a "a-HA" moment and discover the next level in their abilities. Nice.


  1. The Cold tire thing on R-Comps at Driving Schools is a myth....

    Tires are only Cold until you warm them up!

    They are jsut not that safe and sticky from the get-go as in the middle of the summer, and that's were unsensitive and careless drivers screw up.

    It is always possible to put heat in the R-Comp tires at the track, unless you are driving on ice!

  2. 1.5Gs!!! Nice line and good work AC.


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