April 26, 2007

A different look at WRC

WRC is sadly not shown anymore on US television. I suppose the main issue is that it's almost impossible to show and to narrate it compellingly. We've all seen the bits of onboard, the spectacular slides, the terrifying crashes but it's hard for a new fan to get into the intricacies of the sport as it is usually shown on television.
But check this out, I came across this fantastically well done new series shown on Discovery UK called "Engineering the World Rally".
It is an in depth and more three dimensional look at what it takes to run these amazing cars in these gruelling races. This first episode is on the season opener, the Rally of Montecarlo and follows the Subaru team of Solberg and Atkinson. It is long, 44 minutes but well worth watching so sit back and relax. I hope Discovery will show this series here in the US at some point.

Axis approved!


  1. I see all video...WONDERFUL, is really a A different look at WRC

  2. The documentary is fantastic... Please watch it, you won't be disappointed. Great production values, unobtrusive cameras, doesn't sugar coat what was a terrible season for Subaru/Prodrive.


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