April 28, 2007

Can a croc kill the 911?

The 911 death watch rang another bell when Uwe Alzen decided to abandon the 911 platform for his latest race car. It is a fairly obvious choice dynamically even considering the amazing success of the "engine in the wrong place" racers.

We had an earlier post with onboard video from a different race Cayman, here are pictures of Alzen Motorsport's race car. As you can see it is a Cayman only because it's a Porsche and has a mid-engine layout...
Anyway, enjoy these detailed shots, you can even read his spring rate!

I'm not sure of the specs for the car, I read somewhere it might have a Carrera GT V10 engine but if that were the case I would be very surprised as this car got beat recently by a Z4 Coupe-GTR driven by Johannes Stuck, son of Hans and a girl, Claudia Hürtgen who moonlights as one of the Ring-Taxi drivers.

Photos Mike Skowronski, high-speed-corner.de

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