March 5, 2007

VIR in February...

...Stee has been making the trek down to Virginia International Raceway from NYC for a few year now, he always has a good time and finds semi decent weather to boot. So while we patiently wait for BadBAdM and Stee to do the writeups they promised, I'm putting these couple of laps up.

Stee is driving a BMW M3 CS with TCKline suspension, Brembos on all fours, Performance Friction PF01 pads and new to the mix, Nitto NT01 tires. His best times are in the 2:17 range which I'm told is very respectable. Good show Stee!

Click on the window, the video is large but should stream without too many issues, or follow the download link below.



  1. We really, really need to get a tachometer feed on Stee's telemetry, because you can't read his tach at all.

  2. I can't believe nobody commented on the customized Axis gauges.... :o)

  3. I was so focused on Stee's line that it took a full lap for me to notice the PIP rear view :O Customized Axis gauges is a nice touch.

  4. And what group did you run with? Was it THSCC and Z club?


  5. Stee and BadBadM were at VIR with NASA


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