March 22, 2007

Endurance racing is boring

to watch, usually yes. But check out the last lap of this year's 12 hour of Sebring. The back story is that the Mika Salo and Jaime Melo in the Risi Competizione-Ferrari 430 GT had been dominating the GT2 race but had an issue in the pits which forced them to double stint their tires at the very end of the race. As the Flying Lizard Porsche GT3 RS of Jorg Bergmeister was reeling him in, Melo was doing everything possible to keep the Ferrari on the pavement and block the Porsche. If you haven't seen it I don't want to spoil it but how the winner pulled off that move on the last corner remains a mystery.


  1. Somebody should show this to Scott Pruett for him to see what "lowdown, nasty, dirty driving" really means. ;)

  2. Yeah what a great Finish!!
    Clearly Melo is the better driver. hats off for pulling that one in a car with no grip!!

    There has been a lot of whinning from the Prosche camp (check Rennlist), but IMO that's a real racers move.

    It's Pro Racing, not Club racing with 13/13 rules, and contact happens

  3. I thought it was an great move and that Bergmeister should "just go faster". He lifted, he lost.

    It's not like he's Melo's team mate! :o)

  4. I think the best part is the interview with Jorg. That was one pissed off dude!

  5. this clip made my skin tingle with happiness.

  6. Even if you account for the track narrowing as they get closer to the start finish line, Melo was clearly leaning on Bergmeister (with no apparent reason) and trying succesfully to drive him into the wall. That's apparent in second 9 when BM lifts and Melo shoots to the left, as he looses his support.

    Which is plain wrong IMO, unless you support the "rubbin' is racing, son" theory.

  7. I would not say Melo leaned on Bergmeister "...for no apparent reason" I think he had a pretty clear reason in mind there! :o)

    Yeah it was dirty, but like CG said, it's not amateur club racing.

  8. The announcers seemed to share that sentiment ("you do what you gotta do").

    AC- do you have a clip of the post-race interview with Jorg???


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