February 6, 2007

Coming soon to the Axis....

While we have been trying to bring you some tasty clips from outside sources it is important to remind our readers that the core of this blog will continue to be our own experience as track and racing enthusiasts and the new season will see some very exciting changes and improvements for the Axis of Oversteer:

In a couple of weeks, BadBadM's "LaBomba" will make it's Spec e30 debut at VIR.

AC's BMW M Coupe just got a new differential which will add about 10% effective torque to the wheels. We look forward to doing track time comparisons using our TRAQMATE data logging system.

CG and Adil will take delivery of their Lotus Exige S sometime in march.

and finally, Stee might just go build a Spec Boxster racer. This is a new spec series which is extremely interesting from both dynamic and financial points of view. We will be discussing Spec Boxster at length in the future.

So please bookmark our site and check in, we will always have something interesting!

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  1. Sorry about the Exige picture guys...I could not resist :)


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