December 4, 2006

"Axis Celebrates insanity" week.... Part2: 27Liters of Fun

OK, let's say you are bored and probably drunk yet you decide it would be cool to have a Veyron....but as I mentioned, you spent all your money on beer.
No problem, at least none for these English dudes when they decided to mate a 27 liter Rolls Royce Meteor tank engine to a craptastic 80's Rover!

OK, let's begin with the engine:

and the receptacle....

And while the builders show that they are on board with the whole alternative fuel thing by running the 27 liter monster on propane...

One has to wonder: when they say "mad dogs and Englishmen" they really just mean rednecks right?

The kicker is.....the car is ROAD LEGAL in the UK!!!! LOL!

That is insane...therefore it has redeeming value!

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more details on the 27 liters of fun HERE

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