September 10, 2006

Michael Schumacher announces his retirement

Thank you Michael for being the best and thank you for rescuing Ferrari from itself. Schumi was the perfect driver in the the perfect team at the perfect time in F1 history.

just to put his achievements in prospective here is his F1 record, unlikely to be ever broken as a whole:

247 starts with three races to go to season's end.
90 wins (71 with Ferrari).
68 Pole positions (58).
75 fast laps of the race (52).
1354 championship points (1051).

Kudos to Riccardo Patrese who will be one of the very few to have beaten MS in something: he had a career 256 F1 starts. Vai Riccardo!


  1. Thanks for posting. Personally, I don't think Kimi is a worthy replacement. I know it's tough-to-impossible to find a suitable replacement for MS, but I don't think Kimi's the guy.

  2. Kimi has the speed but it takes more than speed to make a team jell in the long run. We'll see. I don't see any other drivers out there who would be a better fit and if anything Kimi has shown patience and kept him mouth shut about the problems at McLaren which cost him the championship last year.

  3. Well that is an interesting counterpoint, but "keeping your mouth shut" is only one part of being a responsible racer. See, the difference is, Kimi is allowed to blame McLaren for missing a championship, but Michael's school of thought is, "You did not lose the championship for me... WE lost it as an integrated team." That is what set MS apart; he built the Ferrari team around him. Think Kimi can do the same, or even sustain what Michael has done?

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