September 8, 2006

A few laps of Lime Rock with a bit of rain.

Just wanted to post this if anything to say I was surprised for once to find that Lime Rock at times CAN actually have some grip when it's damp. This was especially odd since the track in the dry feld like it had a little less grip than usual.

CG and I were there at an SCDA track day last Tuesday and after two dry sessions a light rain came. From previous experience we assumed that LRP would immediately turn into the nasty ice rink it tends to become before real rain has a chance to wash away the crud.

When I went out for the session I was shall I put this...super-extra-woosie? ahem...I mean cautious. The ambient was cooler than earlier in the day so I put more air in the tires to get them to warm up more quickly, still for the first couple of laps the car felt very nervous. After about 6 or seven laps the tires started to warm up and grip returned and in the end I did a 1:03.450 lap in that session which is respectable.

I had some fun with two BMW guys there, one doing a great job hustling an e39 M5 battleship around the track and the other (Ilyia I think is his name) flogging a red e46M3. Kudos to those two for hustling and keeping it well on the road.
At the end of the session I had to give them some honorary Axis stickers, hope they put them on the cars!

I used Traqmate data overlaid over video using TrackVision software. It's maybe not 100% sync'd but it's close.

Click on window or R/Opt-Click here to download

pictures from Tracktime Photos
as always, thanks Stee for the use of your Traqmate...


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