September 22, 2006

Axis of Oversteer welcomes Traqmate

We are very happy to have Traqmate come on board as a sponsor.
As readers of this site will know, we have been writing about GPS data logging systems for some times. While there will always be doubters, we as a group have come to realize that sooner or later you will need some empirical evidence of how you are doing and how different on track strategies affect your performance.

There are a number of reasons why we prefer the Traqmate system for our cars: with the exception of BadBadM's "La Bomba", all of our cars are street legal, dual purpose wheels and having a small, easily removable system and especially a small easy to mount display is a big plus.

There is also the issue of timing at track days, some organizations frown upon it. The Traqmate system allows you the option of running the timer display or not while still allowing you to collect data for later analysis.

Our own Stee spent days and sleepless nights obsessing over all the specs of all the comparable systems out there and came to the conclusion that the TM is the best compromise of all right now. Of course after buying one himself, he bullied CG into buying his and is relentless about getting one in each of our cars...resistance will be futile!

For some examples of the kind of data a GPS data logger provides and how you can interpret it, take a look at these two posts about Watkins Glen and Lime Rock Park


  1. Wait a minute! My car IS street legal, even if it's not "street-able" for everyday use.


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