June 8, 2006

Axis Gumball part II....CG

It’s a long drive, but let me tell you European roads have nothing boring to it and they are designed in such a way that keep your attention up and don’t let you fall asleep ala I-95.
Despite 2hr of sleep on the plane from NYC – Nice I was able to do my share of the drive and enjoy the scenery while AC was at the wheel. Scenery included sharing the road with other Supercarsand we shared 100km+ with another 360 Modena. Fun!

The 360 Modena didn’t have a SatNav and we didn’t have a map. Instead I installed Google Maps on my Blackberry and voila: portable intercontinental navigation system, It really works! Specially in Europe where the even the most hidden corner of the German Black Forest enjoys perfect GSM-Edge coverage. Highly recommended for those Blackberry users (model 7900).
Kept speeds below 170kph through France as anything more than 40kph above the speed limit and you have an instant driving ban! Once in Germany 200kph became the norm, but on a twisty Autobahn it can be scary speed. WE felt we were going fast at 210-220kph until we got passed by a blasting BMW X3!!! Those crazy Germans!
We did have to use a map in Germany, as it seems that they sense of confidence precludes them from letting you know in which road you are on and only give you signs for what comes ahead at exits and intersections. Only got lost for 20 minutes and got to Nurburg within 9hrs and enjoy some good beer, grillehaxe(Roasted Pork knuckles… yummy) and sauerkraut. Went to bed toasted by 10pm. Nothing like a 850mi ride and no sleep in 26 hrs to overcome any chance of jetlag!

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