April 5, 2006

A lesson in momentum racing, WTCC @ Monza

Here is a clip of the complete 18 minute race2 from this year's WTCC stop at Monza.

The "gooooooooool" style commentary is worth it just in of itself, man the guy has some lungs! A priceless moment you'll catch is when he yells : "...Deeerk Müller, Deeeerk, Deeeerk Deeerk Müller..." Hilarious.

It's a great race with Alessandro Zanardi in the 2 liter BMW really hounding Augusto Farfus in the Alfa 156. These cars look so much meaner that the Speedvision touring cars we have here in the US. The racing just seems a touch more ruthless as well.

Look at the insane amount of speed they carry in the turns, the cars are very even so that any little time lost is a real killer down the long Monza straights.

Some pretty nasty crashes about halfway through. Enjoy

Click on the picture above or here

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