December 29, 2005

This is something really special....

OK in our winter interlude, we offered up some pretty cool videos so far, but I think this one will top them all by far:

You all saw the ridealong in the Ferrari Enzo and the other great video of the Enzo drifting on the Adria race track. Really, what could top that?.... Well, I think THIS DOES!.

You guessed right if you figured out that the track is Fiorano, Ferrari's own test track. The car the legendary Ferrari FXX
The source is the same guys who made the Adria and Imola videos. From their web site I gather they live somewhere in northern Italy, they own at least 3 Ferraris along with a bunch of other cool cars...and they must have signed up for the FXX program. Whoever they are, they now reside just a step or two below Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Loeb in my pyramid of cool.

There are two different drivers on the video and it's clear they are getting instruction from the passenger on the right line. The Video was shot December 20, 2005 which explains why it's a bit dark. No matter, it's awesome even if you can tell the car is not being pushed to the limit.
The track is small you can see that the car will only go to maybe 4th gear.
Make sure you notice and feel free to leave comments about:

1. The amazing brutality of the upshift...Man, you can feel it even watching a tiny internet video
2. The curious short shift on the section leading to the overpass.
3. The rear view LCD...

When you are done with that one take a look at this video of the car from the outside....The speed it goes by the pit wall is astounding.

So enjoy..Kudos again to the my mysterious Italian compatriots, and don't forget to have lentils on New Year's's supposed to bring good luck with your investments!


  1. Well I think the FXX is much more what I expected from the original Enzo in terms of perceived performance... IMO the weight savings really comes across in the vehicles behavior (it is considerably lighter, right?). The gearbox shifts nicely, for a slow Ferrari unit ;)

  2. I doubt it's much much lighter but it is quite a bit more powerful.

    For sure since it is a car that is not road legal it will lack whatever few concessions to civility the Enzo made.

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