December 23, 2016

NASCAR comes to ice racing: Merry Christmas!

Ancient Yuletide carols were trolled at the alpine resort of Alpe d'Huez recently when one racer tried to deck a fellow competitor.

It happened in the midst of an Andros Trophy ice buggy race when fifty year old Olivier Panis, a Grand Prix driver know mostly for crashing and one lucky win,  did not accept being shoved into hay bales as a Christmas greeting.

The well wisher was 25 year old Adrien Tambay, son Patrick, the 1980's Ferrari (and Beatrice Hass) driver.

Oo-la-la, Oooh-pop-pop-pop....   C'est d'homage.

A Gallic version NASCAR ensued.... unfortunately, unlike les amis Americain,  French tv cut away just when it was getting good.

Ah,  Christmas ....   Axis of Oversteer wishes you a merrier one.

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