October 2, 2016

Hamilton denied in Malaysia.

Hamilton was cocky about his chances but his lump blows early in Malaysia.

Hamilton, confident before
the race.
There is this mock religion whose main belief is in a "Luck Plane", which can tilt your way or not.  

The Luck Plane definitively tilted both for and against Lewis Hamilton in Malaysia.

"Someone does not want me to win"

Lewis' fans do not believe in luck of course.  Aided by an off the cuff comment by their idol, the fires of conspiracy have been stoked on the internet.   Because, after all,  it makes perfect sense Mercedes would diabolically arrange for Hamilton's engine to let go, insuring they would not clinch the constructor title in front of all their title sponsor's brass, at their home race.  

Makes perfect sense.

Thank god for engine failures,  frankly if engines were slightly less reliable we might have had a more exciting championship.    "Stuff happens" has a place in racing,  it should not be completely regulated out.

But the Luck Plane had been tilted in Hamilton's favor on lap one, Vettel managed to pull a Verstappen and spun Rosberg.   Vettel had the position but not the traction to make the low percentage move stick.

His error, no doubt.   Curiously, the FIA stewards decided to apply a different standard then they applied to Verstappen's almost identical incident in Spa: 3 grid spot penalty in Japan and 2 points on license for the German.

Ah FIA, don't ever change...

For all the online hate he receives, Rosberg drove a hell of a race, from last after turn one to an eventual third.  Nico now finds himself with a more than twenty point lead in the championship despite being handed a penalty for contact with Raikkonen.

It's funny, how may times have you heard people cite the Villeneuve-Arnoux battle at Dijon as one of the greatest things ever?  Rosberg hip checks Kimi to, finally,  make a non DRS pass, there is no damage to either car and he gets slapped with a penalty.  

Ah FIA,  don't ever change...

Is this the end for Hamilton's championship?  Hardly.  Rosberg did go from a 19 point deficit to a 23 point lead since the summer break, erasing Lewis' surge, but that's just one DNF in the remaining five races.  What remains uncertain at this time is if Hamilton will need to take additional engine penalties as a result of this rather massive looking blow up.

Very happy for Ricciardo,  he had a great moment with Verstappen,  they both went at it hard but, it must be said, 100% fair,  well done the both of them.

Finally, can we have a slow clap for Fernando Alonso dragging that path negra pig of a McLaren from last to seventh.   He is still the man,  and he deserves a better ride before he retires.

The internets were busy after the race!

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