September 3, 2016

Verstappen needs to learn from Hamilton

Max Verstappen took a page from the old Lewis Hamilton, the one who never seemed to miss the opportunity to keep his mouth shut and just drive.

Lewis has learned, Max has yet to figure it out.  Not sure he should take advice on how to react in public from the ill tempered elder Verstappen.

What happened?

Jacques Villeneuve,   1997 World Champion, now amateur musician and TV commentator,  suggested what almost everyone in the media has since Spa: that Verstappen moderate some of his borderline racing moves before he causes a big accident.

Villeneuve said "before someone gets killed" which is a turn of a phrase. Bombastic perhaps but not unheard of in media talk certainly.

When asked about it, Verstappen replied with what no amount of backpedalling and blaming Google translator can excuse amounts to "he should talk because he did kill somebody".

What he was referring to is the accident at the 2001 Australian GP in Melbourne which resulted in the death of a marshal Graham Beveridge who was struck by debris when Villeneuve's BAR collided with Ralf Schumacher's Williams.

Two things about this "counterpunch" by the Verstappen:   in 2001 he was three years old so it's not like he remembers it.  Someone from his management team told him to use that comeback for Villeneuve.

The second point is that that accident was a result of a driver, sitting in the middle of the track and driving erratically.

Sometimes it's better to let go and have your driving do the talking.

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