August 17, 2016

Two minutes in an old car are better than most racing you've seen in years.

We interrupt your summer break to remind you it's not always about more grip and downforce...

Take a couple of over fifty year old cars,  one with a live axle rear suspension,  narrow crap tires (by modern standards), great drivers on a wide open track like the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit and a certain kind of magic begins to happen.

OK, you can't live in the past and you can certainly make a good argument that everything you see Nicky Pastorelli do to control this 1964 Ferrari GTO happens in a modern car, just so much faster that it's difficult to see and appreciate...


Well, let's just leave it at:  be thankful there are people who maintain and race these wonderful relics in series like Masters Historic Racing     Turn it up.

(H/T Peter Krause)

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