July 2, 2016

Crime and punishment

Curbs,  the talking point of the week end.

Perhaps the main culprit is  Charlie Whiting,   if you don't consistently enforce track limits there's no point telling drivers they should stay off the curbs.

Almost every driver set times with flagrant track limit violations and nobody got laps taken away.  Why then would drivers have any incentive not to run wide and carry extra speed into the final two turn complex?   Yes, it's longer but nobody would be out there if it were slower.

Enter the curbs.  Should we feel bad about them causing issues for drivers and teams?   Of course not.

The RedBull Ring is a proper race track,  with gravel just off the racing surface around most of the lap.    Where there is no graven, drivers take advantage and hence the draconian triple curbs.

Race Control is to blame for not cracking down on track limits but drivers complaining about broken suspension?   

You know they bite, stay off the damn cubs!

On the plus side, tomorrow's race will be quite interesting, at least for the first few laps.  Keep an eye out for Ferrari starting on an opposite strategy, on the Soft rather than the Ultra soft Pirelli.

(Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel both have 5 sport penalties for new gearboxes)

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