June 28, 2016

#Poopxit: How scary was the Nurburgring last week end?

The BMW 235i Racing  is a fairly benign race car, designed for durability and ease of use.

The Nurburgring however is anything but.

On our first trip there, many years ago, CG and I were stunned at the complete lack of grip in the moderate rain falling on that day.    Sure, we probably had old tires on a somewhat unfriendly car (a 360 Modena)  but,  even at first timer's cautious speeds,  the 'Ring made Connecticut's notoriously slippery "Slime Rock"  seem sticky.

Imagine then a complete deluge for a full VLN race.   Imagine that when spray is not making obscuring every detail, your windshield will randomly fog up.... or a combination of the two.... plus violent aquaplaning....and random slow cars appearing in front of you.

Yeah  #Poopxit.

CG completed VLN4, I'm still waiting for his videos but here's one from our friend Gabriele Piana, also a competitor that day,  which will give you the idea of what "just another summer day in the Eiffel" can look like.

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